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The best treatment for Codd in sheep

The Best Treatment for Codd in Sheep

Introduction Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis (CODD) is a severe infectious disease affecting the hooves of sheep, leading to lameness and significant welfare concerns. CODD, caused by various bacterial pathogens including Treponema species, requires effective and timely intervention to prevent widespread outbreaks and ensure the health of the flock. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the …

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Ewes Guys

Ewes Guys

Introduction Sheep farming has been a staple of agriculture for centuries. Among the many types of sheep, ewes hold a special place. Ewes, or female sheep, are the backbone of any sheep farming operation. They are crucial for reproduction, wool production, and maintaining the flock. This article explores the fascinating world of ewes, shedding light …

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